Hardware and software management made easy

Smart Portal helps you to fully automate the purchase, lifecycle management and support of your business hardware and software.

Push play and see how it works

A purchase experience with the employee in mind

Ensure that your employees get to choose the tools they need to perform at their best and allow employees full flexibility to upgrade (with salary deduction) to the device they want.

Predictable costs and one source of truth

By buying all your hardware and software from the same platform you gain an unmatched overview of your business IT expenditures. At the same time, it will get easier to keep costs under control and within budget.  Smart Portal is supporting financing of hardware directly through the platform enabling predictable cash flow and a smoother buying process. 

A powerful asset management tool

Things break, employees join and they leave. Smart Portal enables you to manage all of the steps of your hardware and software lifecycle in a simple and quick way. Everything in one place, no more separate tracking sheets or docs.

What do I need to do to get started? 

Set up your employees and their devices in Smart Portal. 


Set personal budgets and product packages to select from.


Distribute access to Smart Portal to all members of your team.

What happens when someone leaves?

Provision the devices to someone else in your company.


Give the leaver a quote to buy their devices (Smart Portal will assist you in calculating the value to charge).


Indicate you want to keep the devices but not use them right away (put it on the shelf).

Simple as that.

Initiate an offboarding of the employee in Smart Portal and select between four predefined actions to take regarding the employee's hardware.


Trade it in and get money for it. You’ll receive a pre-paid return package to send back to us.

One support interface

Get support for all the hardware and software you buy in Smart Portal through one interface. Get support from someone who knows your full IT situation – not only one part of it.

Easy repairs

Requesting support for a broken device has never been easier. Place a repair request with the click of a button. 


Less e-waste

Smart Portal is built on the idea of minimising e-waste. We’ll help you return (for reuse or recycling) hardware you do not use any longer. Good for you and good for the environment.


​Smart Portal is sold through selected resellers.



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